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Pandemic Economic Relief Grant Application

  1. Mille Lacs County Pandemic Economic Relief Grant Application

  2. Program Information

    All grants awarded are for the purpose of working capital and intended to replace cash flow used for operating costs that existed at the time of the peacetime emergency declaration made through Executive Order. Such costs may include property taxes, payroll, rent, utilities, insurance costs, legal fees, repairs to the existing building and equipment and other critical business expenses that cannot be paid as a direct result of the current public health emergency. This program is subject to applicable state and local peacetime emergency executive orders.

  3. Eligibility Notes

    All business applicants must be eligible businesses with a permanent physical commercial or industrial operation located in Mille Lacs County that have been operating long enough to demonstrate financial viability. Applicants must demonstrate that they have no current tax liens on record with the secretary of state as of the time of application. Applicants must also demonstrate that they were directly and adversely affected by a COVID-19 related peacetime emergency Executive Order in 2020, including being in an industry specifically named by those Executive Orders.

  4. Please review grant guidelines and complete entire application prior to submission. Incomplete applications or applications missing any required supporting documentation may be denied further consideration.

  5. 1. Individual completing the application

  6. (Name should be the officially registered name of the business entity.)

  7. (if different)

  8. (visit to obtain your number)

  9. Or

  10. 2. Did your business receive a COVID-19 Business Relief Payment directly from the Minnesota Department of Revenue?*

  11. 3. Is your business Registered, Active & In Good Standing with the Minnesota Secretary of State?*

  12. 4. Was your business ordered to close or had to significantly reduce its operations by a State of Minnesota Emergency Executive Order in 2020?*

  13. 5. Do you own the building where your business is located or have a lease for the space?*

    Applicants must provide a copy of a current lease, mortgage statement, or property tax statement to show site control within Mille Lacs County.

  14. 6. Does your business have a current tax lien on it from the Minnesota Secretary of State's Office?*

  15. Percentage (%)

  16. Provide a Business Profit & Loss Statement for April 1st- December 31st, 2019 and April 1st- December 31st, 2020.

  17. Required Documentation Checklist - All documents listed below must be submitted at the time of application for grant consideration.

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