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Administrative Services

  1. Comments & Suggestions

    County staff may anonymously submit comments and suggestions that will then be reviewed by the Administrative Services Office.

Assessor's Office

  1. 2024 Assessment Questionnaire

    We are asking you to follow up with the Assessor’s Office to update information about your property that might affect its value. You... More…

  1. Website Feedback

Attorney's Office

  1. Submit a Form

    Used for submitting Victim Impact Statements, Restitution Paperwork, or Victim Opinion Forms.

  1. Update Contact Information

    For use on the website so that victims can update their contact information or request a VAC contact them.

Continuous Improvement

  1. Suggestions & Testimonials

    We appreciate your input to let us know what has worked, what hasn't, and what you think still needs to be done. If you have any... More…

Mille Lacs County Resident and Business Address

  1. Mille Lacs County Resident and Business Internet Speed Test Address

    Residents and businesses concerned about their internet speeds are asked to visit and... More…