How will I identify an appraiser?

Appraisers for Mille Lacs County will be driving a Mille Lacs County car and carrying a photo identification and/or business card. Information can be verified by calling the County Assessor's Office at 320-983-8311 or 888-280-8311.

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1. How often must an appraiser view my property?
2. Why must an appraiser view the interior of my property?
3. What if I don't let the appraiser inspect my home?
4. What if I'm not home?
5. How will I identify an appraiser?
6. Am I notified if my property is going to be appraised?
7. How long does an appraisal take?
8. When will I find out what value the appraiser has put on my property?
9. How do I know if my valuation is correct?