Why does the Assessor's Office exist?

In Minnesota, property taxes provide most of the funding for local government services. Each share of the property tax burden is determined according to its value and use. The Assessor's Office collects, tabulates, and updates property data annually to be used in further county calculations. The dollar amount required to cover operating expenses of local governments is levied by each township, city, school district, and county to pay for services required by local citizens. This translates into an annual property tax bill due and payable for each individual property.

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1. Why does the Assessor's Office exist?
2. Who determines my property tax?
3. What factors affect my property taxes?
4. Why has my property value changed?
5. Does a change in market value mean that my taxes will change?
6. How does the Assessor determine the estimated market value?
7. Are there any limits as to how much the estimated market value of my property can change in one year?
8. Does the estimated market value increase at the same rate on all properties?
9. Can the estimated market value change even if the appraiser has not been inside my property?
10. What will happen to my value if I improve my property?
11. Will my value go up if I repair my property?
12. Which Assessor assesses my property?