What is Pay Equity?

State law requires all public jurisdictions such as cities, counties, and school districts to eliminate any gender-based wage inequities in compensation and submit reports to Minnesota Management and Budget (MMB).

Every political subdivision is required to use a job evaluation system in order to determine the comparable work value of the work performed by each class of it's employees.

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1. What is a classification plan?
2. What is Pay Equity?
3. What is a classification and compensation study?
4. What is completed as a part of the study?
5. What's the process look like?
6. What's our role?
7. Which comparable organizations are used for the market study?
8. When are the recommended changes going to be effective?
9. Are all employees and positions included?
10. What happens if my grade changes, up or down?
11. What if I'm one of multiple employees in a single position description?
12. Does this mean we'll all get more money?