What types of organizations are eligible for the new classification?

Nonprofit community service oriented organizations that make charitable contributions and donations at least equal to the organization's previous year's property taxes, and that allow the property to be used for public and community meetings or events at no charge, may be eligible for the new classification.

Examples of qualifying public and community groups that must be allowed to hold events free of charge would include:

  • Athletic Associations
  • Neighborhood groups
  • Other non-profit organizations
  • Public meetings sponsored by governmental departments, agencies, etc.
  • Religious/faith organizations
  • School groups
  • Youth groups

Charging Fees for Private Events & Other Groups/Activities

Private events and certain other groups/activities can be charged a fee to utilize an organization's facilities. Examples of private events/groups that can be charged a fee to use the facilities include:

  • Businesses
  • Family reunions
  • For-profit organizations
  • Private parties (i.e. office holiday parties and individual parties)
  • Weddings

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