Who is eligible for Managed Forest Land?

Qualifying property owners are who own property that is:

  • Not improved with a structure
  • Not used for agricultural purposes
  • Rural in character
  • Unplatted

The property must have a qualifying forest management plan in place and cannot be enrolled in the Sustainable Forest Incentive Act (SFIA).

The property must be no less than 20 acres in size; total enrolled acreage is limited to 1,920 acres statewide. The forest management plan must be developed by a Department of Natural Resources-approved forest management plan writer within the last 10 years.

Qualifying Properties with Structures

A property that is improved with a structure that is not a minor ancillary non-residential structure (i.e. small shed or other primitive structure) or an improved building site that provides water, sewer, or electric hookups, will be split classed, with ten acres being assigned to the structure. Property receiving this classification cannot be enrolled in any other program. The Department of Natural Resources must confirm that the property qualifies and will annually verify that the property continues to qualify for the classification.

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