Who provides Long-Term Care Consultation (LTCC) Services?

LTCC services are provided by county agency staff and require the expertise of both social workers and public health nurses. Tribes and health plans also provide some LTCC services to people they serve under contracts with the Department of Human Services.

Included Activities

What activities are included in Long-Term Care Consultation Services?

  • Assessment and support planning
  • Information about public and private programs
  • Information and education about local long-term care service options
  • LTCC include early intervention visits
  • Pre-admission screening prior to nursing home admission
  • Transition assistance

In-Person Screenings

In-person screenings are required in some situations, such as determining eligibility for waiver services. These are conducted in hospitals, nursing facilities, other supported living situations such as housing with services settings and in people’s homes.

Pre-Admission Screening

LTCC services are also intended to reduce nursing facility admissions and subsequent costs by ensuring only appropriate admission to these facilities. The Pre-Admission Screening program assesses an individual’s health status and level of independence in key areas of daily living to determine if he or she needs this level of service. This assessment also provides screening for people for possible mental illness or developmental disabilities in order to prevent inappropriate admissions to nursing facilities of people who need different services. These assessments must be completed for all applicants to facilities regardless of assets, income or the potential source of payment. Counties, tribes and health plans also are required to use the assessment and support planning process to determine the appropriateness of Medicaid or state-funded alternatives to nursing facilities for people who need NF level of care.

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