How do I qualify?

Beginning with the 2009 assessment for taxes payable in 2010, only property that is classified by the assessor as 2a productive agricultural land is eligible for enrollment in the Green Acres Program. The property must:

  • Be at least 10 acres in size, or a nursery or greenhouse
  • Be primarily devoted to the production for sale of agricultural products

Read more information about qualifying for the Green Acres Program.

Programs for Properties That Do Not Qualify for Green Acres

If you have class 2b rural vacant land as a part of your farm homestead, it will not qualify for Green Acres tax deferral. However, it may be eligible to receive other benefits under the Rural Preserve property tax program. Only lands engaged in the production of an agricultural product for sale will qualify for Green Acres. 

A description of agricultural production can be found in Minnesota Statue, section 27313, subdivision 23. The County Assessor will be able to assist you in determining which portions of your farm are considered agriculturally productive and which are considered rural vacant land. Enrollment in the Green Acres program is limited to properties owned by individuals and certain farm family entities.

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1. What is the Green Acres program?
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12. What if only part of the property is sold or ceases to be used for agricultural purposes?
13. Does the tax deferment continue if the property is sold and used for agricultural purposes?
14. What if the property no longer qualifies for Green Acres because it loses its agricultural classification?
15. How do I qualify?
16. How do I apply?