Before demolishing a structure there are a few requirements to consider. Before demolition begins:

  1. Submit the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) Demolition/Renovation Notification. The MPCA requires individuals demolishing a structure to submit a Demolition/Renovation notification at least ten (10) working days before demolition begins. 
  2. Remove prohibited materials. All prohibited materials must be removed at least two (2) days before to the demolition. The Pre-Renovation/Demolition Environmental Checklist provides a detailed list of prohibited materials. However, it should be noted that not all prohibited materials are listed within the document.
  3. Remove asbestos. Asbestos must be removed at least two (2) days prior to demolition, unless the structure meets an exemption.
  4. Complete and submit a Building Permit Application. The State Building Code is enforced county-wide. A building permit is required for the demolition of existing structures.

In order to dispose of demolition debris on-site, or at an unpermitted location, a permit must be obtained. The permitting process is administered by the MPCA through the Permit-by-Rule process.