Reserve Unit

Unit Overview

The Reserve program started with Sheriff Julius Zimmer in 1987 and continued through Sheriff Dennis Boser, Sheriff Brent Lindgren and now Sheriff Don Lorge.

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The Mille Lacs County Reserves are a dedicated team of volunteers who assist the Mille Lacs County Sheriff’s Office by donating their time and effort to the city and the community. Volunteers come from a variety of backgrounds. Some individuals are interested in a law enforcement career while others wish to provide worthwhile community service that contributes to the safety and security of Mille Lacs County.

  1. Mission
  2. Responsibilities
  3. Unit Structure

To provide quality law enforcement, custodial, and court-related services to all persons within Mille Lacs County, and to perform all duties mandated by the Constitution of the United States of America and the State of Minnesota in a professional, ethical, and cost-efficient manner.


Callouts can be for any number of reasons, day or night, including:

  • Crime scene protection
  • Fire scene protection
  • Missing person searches
  • Power outages
  • Serious car accidents
  • Severe weather conditions
  • Special details as needed by Sheriff’s Office

Reserve Deputies

There are approximately 9 Reserve Deputies in the Mille Lacs County Sheriff’s Reserve unit. The unit is supervised by one licensed Deputy. Within the Reserve unit, there is a Captain and two Sergeants.

The Reserve Deputy’s position is a volunteer position and the Mille Lacs County Sheriff’s Office does not offer any financial compensation to its Reserve Deputies.

Seeking Reserve Applicants

The Mille Lacs County Sheriff's Office is seeking dedicated men and women who would like to volunteer their time to the betterment and safety of their community. For more information please view the Application page.