The Criminal Investigation Division (CID) of the Mille Lacs County's Sheriff's Office consists of 4 general investigators, 1 auto-theft investigator, and 1 deputy assigned to narcotics investigations, who are supervised by Capitan Jason LaSart. The CID is responsible for investigating crimes in Mille Lacs County. In conducting these investigations the CID works with every law enforcement agency in the county as well as the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension, the Minnesota Department of Commerce and other federal law enforcement agencies such as the FBI and the BATFE.


Mille Lacs County Sheriff's Office Investigators attend various trainings throughout the state every year to receive the best investigative techniques in use today. The investigators also receive many training sessions online.

Areas of Focus

The investigators also specialize in different areas such as computer forensics, cellular telephone forensics and financial crimes. They also receive advanced training in crime scene documenting and processing. Other areas of focus are:

Mobile Crime Response unit van

Mobile Crime Scene Unit

The Mobile Crime Scene Unit is also a portion of the Criminal Investigation Division. This specialized unit contains the necessary tools and equipment to deal with everything from a clandestine Methamphetamine drug lab to a homicide crime scene.


Mille Lacs County Sheriff Don Lorge is committed to providing the very best in current law enforcement investigation skills to the citizens and visitors of our fine county.