Inmate Communication

  1. Inmate Canteen (Email Visiting Account)
  2. Inmate Mail
  3. Vending & Phone Cards

Setting Up an Account

How to set up an email-visiting account

Assisting Videos

There are videos that can be watched to assist you in setting up the accounts and how to email an inmate and how to set up a visit from home.

Sending Photos & Other Information to Inmates

You will need to go to the Inmate Canteen page and set up an account to send an email to inmates. Once received at the facility the email will need to be approved by Mille Lacs County Jail Program staff. You will also be able to send a photo to your family or friend that is in jail by going to the same website. You will also be able to sign up and visit by video from home on the same site.

Examples of items available from canteen are:

  • Additional food items not found in vending machines
  • Greeting cards
  • Mailing envelopes
  • Writing and drawing paper
  • Etc.