Wireless Internet Project

In an effort to learn more about the role the county might take in encouraging expanded broadband service in the area, Mille Lacs County hired Advantenon, Inc. to reach out to rural residents and businesses, giving them the opportunity to voice their interest/need for improved internet access or service. 

Community Outreach Program

Advantenon, Inc. conducted a Community Outreach Program in January 2017, which included asking residents to complete a wireless internet survey, as well as providing the opportunity to learn more about high-speed internet services. The results of the Community Outreach Program and survey (PDF) were presented at the February 7, 2017 Board meeting.

Additional Information

Mille Lacs County and Advantenon, Inc. are currently discussing the possibility of a continued relationship, which may eventually provide improved internet services for Mille Lacs County residents. If you have any questions/comments/concerns regarding this project, we encourage you to contact the Administrative Services Office at 320-983-8218.