County Finances

Mille Lacs County annually reviews and prepares budget and finance documents. This is to assure effective, fair and accurate County fiscal planning and spending. In keeping with Mille Lacs County’s practice of open government, financial statements and budget information are published online for residents.

Adopted 2021 Budget & Levy

Capital Projects Fund - 37$302,282$0
Community and Veterans Service Fund - 11$13,033,220$4,391,258
Debt Service Fund - 35$1,814,215$743,324
General Fund - 01$19,823,645$12,352,863
Public Works Fund - 10$6,935,327$456,000

The County Board set the 2021 Levy at $17,943,445 (a 3% increase over 2020).

Additional Information

View the State Auditor's Office County Financial Data Search.