Residents wishing to have more than three adult dogs must obtain a Commercial or Recreational Kennel License, or a Shelter License. 

Residents seeking a kennel or shelter license must submit an application to the Zoning Office for consideration by the County Board. The County Board will conduct a public hearing regarding the application prior to granting or denying the license. Approved kennel/shelter licenses require an annual renewal fee.

Kennel & Shelter Definitions

  • A Commercial Kennel is defined as a facility that breeds, boards, and/or trains dogs. 
  • Residents who participate in activities such as sled dog racing, or competitive hunting and tracking, would qualify for a Recreational Kennel License.
  • Rescue shelters that take in lost or abandoned dogs for reintroduction to a new home would qualify for a Shelter License.

Land Area Per Dog Requirements

Applicants for kennel licenses must abide by the land area per dog requirements that have been set by the American Kennel Club:

Size of Dog Acre Per Dog
Toy1/4 acre
Small1/2 acre
Medium3/4 acre
Large1 acre
Very Large1 1/4 acre

State Licensing Requirements

A license from the State of Minnesota may also be required for Commercial Kennels; check with the Minnesota Board of Animal Health for state licensing requirements.