Noxious & Invasive Weed Control

Methods of Control

Mille Lacs County Public Works and the Mille Lacs Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD) are working together to control roadside grasses, brush and noxious/invasive weeds.

  • The primary method of control north of MNTH 23 is mowing.
  • The primary method of control south of MNTH 23 is herbicidal spraying.
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Vegetative Management Plan

Beginning at the end of May, the Mille Lacs County Public Works Department will begin its vegetative management plan. Noxious and invasive weeds as well as unwanted brush will be cut and/or treated with herbicides. If you own land south of MNTH 23, it may be adjacent to the roadside scheduled for treatment with herbicide.

Minnesota Department of Agriculture

Review a listing of Noxious and Invasive Weeds from the Minnesota Department of Agriculture.