Local Option Sales Tax (LOST) Projects

Transit Sales & Use Tax

Effective January 1, 2017, Mille Lacs County will have a 0.5% transit sales and use tax. Revenues will fund the projects identified in the Mille Lacs County Public Works Department Local Option Sales Tax Project List in Resolution

Local Option Sales Tax Projects Map (JPG)

Local Options Sales Tax

Local Options Sales Tax (LOST) will be used to improve gravel roads by grading and paving. The finished paved surface will be 28 feet wide. Improvements will also include gravel shoulders and culvert replacement.

This 0.5% transit sales tax applies to retail sales made within Mille Lacs County.

For more information on the transit sales tax, please review the Minnesota Department of Revenue's page.

Completed LOST Projects

Mille Lacs County has used LOST funds to improve:

  • County Road 103 (330th Street) between USTH 169 and County Road 107
  • County Road 107 (125th Avenue) between County Road 103 (330th Street) and CSAH 25 (350th Street). 

Project Funding

These projects are funded by Local Option Sales Tax revenue. There will be no costs to the property owners. Please contact the Mille Lacs County Engineer at 320-983-8201 if you have any concerns or questions.

Notices & Resolutions