Property Taxes

Initial Tax Rates

Determining & Collecting Taxes

Each taxing district within the county must certify a tax levy and special assessments to the County Auditor-Treasurer. The Auditor-Treasurer tabulates all of these levies and special assessments and then calculates the amount of real estate, personal property, and mobile home tax to be paid by each property owner in the county, based on the valuations certified to the Auditor-Treasurer by the County Assessor

Upon completion of the calculation of the tax, statements are distributed to all taxpayers indicating the amount of tax due and the due date.

Reconciliation & Tax Payouts

After each tax deadline, the Auditor-Treasurer must reconcile all collections for accuracy and payout to each taxing district their appropriate share of the taxes collected. State Statutes specify when these payments must be made.

All real estate transactions for property located in the county are processed through the Auditor-Treasurer’s Office, to collect either deed tax or mortgage registry tax, and to make changes to the ownership of property. Mille Lacs County has approximately 20,000 tax parcels. 

Late Payment

If you pay your first half and second half property tax after the due dates, a penalty will be added to your tax. The later you pay, the greater the penalty you must pay. This table shows the penalty you will pay if your property taxes due are not paid before the date shown: 


Delinquent Taxes

The Auditor-Treasurer publishes a list of delinquent taxes in the official paper of the county. Upon request, the Auditor-Treasurer certifies under the seal of his office, indicating there on whether taxes are paid or unpaid.