No-Contact Orders & Relief for Victims

No Contact Orders

If you are a victim, there may be a no-contact order in place with the defendant. Tampering with a witness is a crime in Minnesota. If a defendant is bothering or harassing you, report the incident to your local law enforcement agency and the Victim Witness Coordinator.

A Domestic Abuse No-Contact Order (DANCO) is often put in place by the court to protect a victim. If you feel it is unnecessary, there is a procedure in place to request that the order be vacated. Please contact the Victim Witness Coordinator to discuss your options relating to a no contact or DANCO order.

Relief for Victims: Restitution vs. Reparations

Restitution is the financial responsibility of the defendant to the victim, and is only available if the defendant is convicted of a crime and the judge orders it be paid. It may only be ordered for expenses directly related to the crime, including property losses.

Reparations are financial assistance from the government and are available to victims of violent crime, regardless of whether the case is charged or the offender is convicted; however, reparations are only available for violent crimes reported to law enforcement.

More information is available from the Crime Victims Reparations Board. If a victim is identified in a criminal case, they will receive information by mail from the Victim Witness Coordinator that includes a restitution affidavit. If you need additional information about restitution or an application for reparations, contact the Victim Witness Coordinator at 320-983-8305.