To administer the statutes of the State of Minnesota which pertain to Real and Personal Property Assessment to the best of our ability and in a manner which shows neither partiality nor prejudice toward any property owner, class of property, or taxing jurisdiction.

Responsibilities & Purpose

The Assessor's Office is responsible for estimating the market value and determining the classification of each piece of property in Mille Lacs County for property tax purposes. In accomplishing this, the Assessor's Office is responsible to the county tax payers to ensure that the value is correct so that each property owner pays no more or no less than their fair share of the property tax burden as determined by the legislative class rates. 

The Assessor's Office is also responsible for ensuring that no property escapes assessment or is under assessed. The Assessor's Office is required to meet standards established by Minnesota Statute and the Minnesota Department of Revenue.


  • Verifies and analyzes sales information
  • Handles homestead and other special program applications
  • Appraises all property at market value
  • Determines property classifications
  • Informs property owners of their value
  • Conducts Board of Appeal and Equalization meetings

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Assessor Forms and Applications