Tax-Forfeited Property

Tax-forfeited properties are those for which delinquent property taxes were not paid, and title to the land and buildings was forfeited to the State of Minnesota. Following a review period these properties are made available to the public for purchase; however certain properties are not salable and remain vested to the State of Minnesota. 

Mille Lacs County administers tax-forfeited properties through the Auditor-Treasurer’s Office, County Board of Commissioners, and Environmental Resources:

  • Auditor-Treasurer’s Office: The Auditor-Treasurer’s Office is responsible for conducting the forfeiture process and managing related fiscal matters as outlined in Minnesota Statutes, Chapters 279 - 281.
  • County Board of Commissioners: The County Board of Commissioners is responsible for setting values, designating properties for conservation purposes, and other policy decisions related to tax-forfeited properties.
  • Environmental Resources: Environmental Resources is responsible for the day-to-day management and administration of tax-forfeited properties, including tax-forfeited property sales, as outlined in Minnesota Statutes, Chapter 282.

Tax-Forfeited Property Sales

Tax-forfeited properties are sold at public auction periodically as salable parcels become available. If a property does not sell at auction it may be available over-the-counter on a first come, first served bases. There are currently no tax-forfeited properties available for sale.

Classification of Tax-Forfeited Property 

The County Board of Commissioners must classify parcels of tax-forfeited land as "conservation" or "nonconservation" before they may be sold. The County Board of Commissioners of Mille Lacs County, Minnesota will conduct a public hearing regarding the classification of tax-forfeited lands. This hearing will take place as part of the regular County Board meeting on Tuesday, April 21, 2020 at 9:00 A.M. All interested persons may appear and be heard at the public hearing, either orally or in writing; or may file their written comments with the Environmental Resources Office at 635 2nd Street SE, Milaca, MN prior to the hearing. Anyone needing reasonable accommodations or an interpreter should contact the Administrative Services Office at (320) 983-8218.

Classification Listing (PDF)

  1. Dillon Hayes

    Environmental Resources Manager/Land Commissioner

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